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Absolutely Stunning
Research into stun alternatives have led to some stunning conclusions
Written by Mandorallen

A recent modification to the 'stunned' effect has Aardwolf roiling.

The resting affect that often accompanies bashing, tripping or stunning a target has been given a significant boost: while temporarily stunned, players find that they can no longer execute any commands at all for an entire round of combat.

From the moment the change reached the main port, players have been crying foul. Many are angry over the injustice of having quest mobs outstun them three times within a single combat. Others who are more PK inclined are outraged at experiencing the "stunned to death" phenomenon which occurs when a group of warriors ambush a player through spamming stun all at the same time until the target is dead.

Is the upgraded stun overpowered? The Mid'gaardian consulted several MUD experts who are claiming "No!"

One player (who recently renamed to TierKillah) says this change is the best thing to ever happen to the PK system. "The imm team finally got their act together and found a way to resolve the entire tier imbalance issue, reducing it to a fair game of who can spam stun first. At last, the tiers can no longer ruin the MUD!"

A MUD specialist who declined to state who he was, but said his name begins with 'Lash' and ends in 'er', but is definitely not Lasher, believes stun is steering character development in the right direction. "In fact, we've already begun coding stun's higher level counterparts."

True to his word, we found two new warrior skills already implemented on the test port. The level 76 "paralyze" skill will completely disable all target's movements for [str / 30]  combat rounds (rounded down). Even more potent is the "cripple" skill (available at level 182), which will render the target totally incapable of any action until the combat is over.

There are now more incentives than ever before to switchover to a warrior subclass. So what are you waiting for? Impress your friends with your buffness. Laugh at your fellow mages' puny spells. Kick ass as a T0. It's just one stunning command away.

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