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Gundam 00
Licensed to Thrill
Written by Danj

Double-O is back, thankfully releasing us from the grip of the epic lulz that was Code Geass R2. Giant robots are serious business! The story picks up 4 years after the end of season one, which as you may recall ended rather badly for the good guys. Those who survived are scattered across the planet and the first couple of episodes deal with Setsuna F. Seiei going and getting them back together. Earth has a unified Federal government now, but they also have a secret police/enforcer type organisation called A-LAWS. This has led to the uprising of an anti-government group called Kataron, though to start with their actions seem a bit ineffectual against the apparently superior Ahead units that A-LAWS fields.

The mechanics and engineers of Celestial Being have not lain idle during the intervening years though - the Gundams have received some upgrades and they now have Arios, Cherudim, Seravee and the eponymous 00 Gundam mechs. Lockon's fate in season one presents a bit of an issue, but this is quickly (though some may say not satisfactorily) resolved in the early episodes of season two. Ptolemaios has received a rebuild too; it now sports a more familiar-looking dual catapult deck/elevator layout.

If you're already a fan of Gundam 00, you should definitely watch this to find out what happened after last season's dramatic finale. If you like your SF plausible with a generous helping of giant robots but you haven't seen any Gundam 00, go back and check out season one.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is licensed in the United States by Bandai Entertainment. However, dirty pirates may be able to find it floating around the interwebs somewhere. Yarrrrrrr. Please support your domestic anime industry by purchasing this title when it becomes available in your territory.



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