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The Aardlympic Games
Written by VelvetLies

Day one of the games brought together the finest competitors and began eliminating the near-acheivers. Top events of the day included the Bag Race, won by a suspicious Centaur that seemed to have no problem getting all hoofs into their Bag of Aardwolf. A huge upset in team sailing as <*]AMAZON[*> defeated o-}HooK{-o in the first round.

On day two, things heated up in Individual Camping, the final win going to a Diva Ranger that managed to build a camp twenty rooms wide. In the team version of the same event .oOo.*Romani*.oOo. unsurprisingly beat out seven other clans.

The games were postponed on day three, due to the million mob bonus, but got underway after many following superhero doubles concluded. The top slot in Artistic Skinning went to a member of [Bard], for skinning a lute from a dangerous snake. Teams rallied for Syncronized Aquatics Choir only to be beaten by the enchanting crooning of [-=Masaki=-] members wearing lovely wetsuits crafted from cherry blossoms.

Day four marked the beginning of the end, with already one-third of the original competitors sent home empty handed and disappointed. Events of the day included Singles Tunneling and Team Tree-Climbing. In a split-second finish, spectators cheered as a Mage Ratling just barely triumphed over a Warrior Ratling in tunneling. In Tree-Climbing, )O(Druids)O( lost a huge lead against <*><|Crimson|><*>, placing 2nd in the event they were most favored for.

Continuing hopefuls gathered on day five, despite the sudden downpour of freezing rain. Individuals competing in the Rope Swing offered little challenge to the Sprite that ultimately won the event after 4 of 6 rotations. The team event was won by Shadokil, continuing their reign as champions of Fido-Sledding and beating their own previous record of 02:14:06 with a new record of 02:13:87.

The games concluded with much fanfare, the singles competition of Trivia Token Spinning was over shadowed by the finals of Zombie Polo, No sweat to the champion spinner, an Eldar Psionicist disputing rumors of telepathy use. In Zombie Polo, {chaos} slaughtered >>>-IMPERIUM->, ending with a final score of 23-14.

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