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Rewards suffer as Questors strike
Written by Trurien

With the recent discussion of lengthening quest timers and campaign timers opened by Lasher to the general mudding public, Questors all around the world have decided to show their unhappiness by reducing or even cancelling quest rewards.

The cause of all this unhappiness is the general consensus that the Questors have no voice - their opinions always remain unheard - and they are more often cursed than praised by unlucky adventurers.

Lenia, whose main customers shall remain unnamed, said that she had been handing out a maximum of 8qp for the past two days, because it was "only right to give less to ungrateful whiners". Madojas stated that "not all quests are meant to be completed, and yet those other immature characters keep expecting easy tasks, and complain when it gets too tough! Back in my day, I had to wade through Nine Hells.."

An irate T6, who would prefer to remain anonymous, wailed, "Where'd all my ducks go?! I should be getting 25qp for those birds south of questor, tier bonus notwithstanding." He was unable to comment more as that long word broke his bot, and he started licking everyone in the room whose eyes were glazed over.

If the trend of low rewards continues, players might be forced into action to petition for higher minimum quest rewards, which would be another blow to the autonomy of questors worldwide.

Commander Barcett could not be contacted for comments about removal of campaign timers, but sources near Hester's Whoswhatzit say there was an amazingly loud crashing sound from upstairs when the subject was broached.

The controversial discussion is still in progress at this time, and latest developments will be reviewed by Gaardian.

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