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Word of the month: Unicorn
Relive your unicorn moments
Written by Mandorallen

October was a prosperous month for the Unicorn. Let us rewind time and bask in the aura of our unicorn friends.

Note: To ensure a consistent quality throughout this flashback, every one of these lines features the word "unicorn" in some variation or another. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this article.



--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: The Hooded Ronin says, "I will see you safely to your people, the Rokugan Unicorn, Escobar. Faggot."
INFO: New post #15905 in forum General from Escobar Subj: Rokugan Unicorn Clan
(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: gc i think i am unicorn clan
<-)light(-> Invite Tiana: you've found your other unicorn
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: I asked Tiana if Ramp was unicorn, the asshole sends me to the camp :(
(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: i am unicorn

-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY CLAN UNICORN!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Yes, fellow Unicorn clanmate!
-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: you two faggots are the only unicorns in the game?
-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: nobody rolls harder than you guys: http://greywolf.critter.net/images/gallery/critters/2007-09-14-happy-pink-unicorn.jpg
<-)light(-> ScarletWitch: i'd take one of those pink unicorns home

Rickit answers 'You can kill the unicorn'

You are certain that A lonely unicorn is up from here.
You are certain that A lonely unicorn is east from here.
(R) A magical creature, a unicorn, stands here.
A lonely unicorn is here!
[1] Your earth does UNTHINKABLE things to A lonely unicorn! [805]
A lonely unicorn is DEAD!!
A lonely unicorn says, "Death is but a brief interruption of life."
You receive a pearl unicorn horn from A lonely unicorn.
A lonely unicorn says, "Keep this to remember me by."
You bury your fangs deep into the earth covered corpse of A lonely unicorn, drinking thirstily.

>>>-IMPERIUM-> Amarufox yells "Go go A lonely unicorn!"
(WanGrp?!) (201, Avatar of Light) Amarufox yells "Go go a unicorn!"

--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Don't mind Ultimate, he's just jealous because he ain't down with Unicorn.
-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: unicorn clan cock sucka
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Unicorn gets down, son.
<-)light(-> Invite Tiana: resiliang is unicorn too?
/Shadokil/ Rau: I was prolly the first unicorn!
-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: you were a closet unicorn

INFO: Anya has joined the Rokugan Unicorn clan.
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: WELCOME TO UNICORN!
<-)light(-> Invite Tiana: UNICORNS!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: The entire mud wants to be Unicorn, they just dun wanna admit :P
<(=Watchmen=)> Starbug: i wish there was a rainbow unicorn clan. for the very special people
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Now just go get recruited into Unicorn and you'll be the talk of the town!

.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. Arist: clanadmin status unicorn hostile -> There is no such clan as unicorn.
<-)light(-> Invite Tiana: he tried to hostile Unicorn clan!
[Emerald] Fatal FrostBite: Unicorn clan... wolf... what's the diff?

<-)light(-> Invite Tiana: unicorn just won a gq
/Shadokil/ Rau: go unicorn!
-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: rau being a unicorn was a mistake
(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: unicorns unite

-=*)Dragon(*=- Eidolon of Elochai: no, the Unicorns aren't necessary.
-=*)Dragon(*=- Eidolon of Elochai: don't tell me, you're gonna go all Ultimate on us and just spam "UNICORN" if you win GQs? :P
-=*)Dragon(*=- Eidolon of Elochai foresees a Unicorn version of vanity coming to a social near you... RUN!
-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: nod currently UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UNICORN UNICORNno unicorn socials, quite depressing
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Amarufox: A unicorn social wouldn't be complete without a sexual reference to Ultimate in it.

/|\Druids/|\ Tyebald: it's like the frickin' unicorn channel.
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. PhAt Ninja Wereturtle: if a unicorn dumped on my chest, I'd break off the horn and make sure he never dumped again

--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: If I were to say it on this channel, everyone would OC their Rokugan clan and join Unicorn
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Trashbat! Anipopo pulls out a gun and blows a unicorn's fucking head off.

(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: UNICORN!!!!!!!!!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Will not mention Unicorn for the rest of the night for double
(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!

Charitable Charneus answers 'Shut up, Unicorn. Don't you have some parade in San Francisco to visit or something?'

--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Now THIS double is brought to you by Unicorn :P

/Shadokil/ Rau: How could I deny my unicorn heritage???
-=*)Dragon(*=- Eidolon of Elochai: we need a flamingo clan to go with our Unicorns. they could be allies

|CLANINFO: The whisper of steel sounds as Rau opens the door to the Vulgar Unicorn.
-|Dominion|- The Ultimate: UNICORNFAGGOT

>>>-IMPERIUM-> Mael: hrm, would gay unicorns use their horn as sexual toys?

>>>-IMPERIUM-> Trashbat! Anipopo: form of... UNICORN
(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: unicorns unite baby
(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: the unicorn clan could beat the rams

-|Dominion|- Kelst: the paris unicorns
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: THE PARIS UNICORNS!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
-}VANIR{- . o O ( ) Habasi: PENIS UNICORNS!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Is it UNICORN!?
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Juxtaposed Jexebelle: And less faggy than unicorn
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!

--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Too bad there can't be personal pup messages. Mine'd definitely be UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UNICORN UNICORN Escobar
-|Dominion|- Kelst: oh noes, a unicorn tier.
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Unicorn or gtfo
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Least is Unicorn, please don't forget about us.
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
-=*)Dragon(*=- Eidolon of Elochai: ok, who gave the Unicorns a camera?!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: But, Unicorn Clan can't spell big words. Or small words.

-|Dominion|- Kerith: so who is the Unicorn w/Crabs again?

:::LoquI::: Angelic Skyluke: UNICORN !
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Woulda been the first to say Unicorn, but I'm scouring the interwebz for some delicious porn.


Escobar barters: UNICORN CLAN FTW!
VampireDude barters: omg, unicorn? bah dude chags are boring

--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: I love my UNICORN brethren
<-)light(-> ScarletWitch has just smacked a unicorn into oblivion! RUN, before you're next!!
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Amarufox: no christmas for unicorns, srry
^X.u{N}t.I^ Chicomecoatl: I ate unicorn for chrismas last year, never better.

[Bard] Asterax: speaking of crabs and unicorns, where is esocbar? this is his favorite topic.

(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: unicorn!!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN BROTHER!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: UNICORN!
(Retribution) BigRichard Rampagne: UNICORNS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-|Dominion|- Kelst: are we talking about unicorns again?


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