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Return to Sender
Written by Spodgy

*knock, knock*
"Hi, are you a dragon bonded student?"
"I'm here from Campaigning Weekly, and you've won this week's draw!"
"You've got the wrong room mate."
"I don't subscribe to Campaigning Weekly."
"Dragon Bonded Student, the Classroom? You ARE ex-directory."
"Sorry mate, not me. Mind you there are a few of us, and we do live in classrooms."
"OK, sorry to trouble you."

(10 minutes later)

*knock, knock*
"You again."
"Look, Can I see some ID, please?I've checked the phone book again, and you're definitely not listed."
"Which name did you check against?"
"Is it a senior or a junior you're after?"
"Hang on."
"Yeah, here we go, senior bonded student."
"Ahhhh, I'm a junior bonded student, the seniors live 2 classrooms down."
"Oh, ok. Don't suppose you'd be interested in a subscription to Levelling Occasionally?"

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