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Written by Danj

Basquash! is about a young man called Dan JD (no, really) who plays the "street" version of a sport called Bigfoot Basketball using the alias "Dunk Mask". Bigfoots are giant humanoid robots that also seem to have the ability to fold up into being cars (although this ability doesn't get used much, only for transporting them between towns).

One day, a live official BFB match is held in Rollingtown. Outraged at how dull and stolid the gameplay seems, Dunk Mask decides to liven it up by crashing the party with his own Bigfoot and stealing the show. Unfortunately he ends up screwing up the finish and destroys half the stadium, leaving him in debt to the city for a large sum of money.

Time passes, Street BFB becomes more popular, and after about a year, Dunk Mask has another Dunk Mask combines basketball and squash to beat Iceman Hottiefateful encounter with the BFB player who caused him to mess up at the stadium - Iceman Hottie (no, really). Unable to block Iceman's super powerful "Destroy!" shots, Dunk Mask comes up with a way to combine basketball and squash to bounce the ball around the city streets and hit Iceman's Bigfoot from behind, knocking him down. And thus Basquash! is born.

Basquash! is colourful and has a cast of varied and interesting characters, and with its combination of basketball and squash (and giant robots, let's not forget) puts an interesting new spin on the sports anime genre.


Basquash! is not currently licensed in the United States and is being fan subtitled. Please support your domestic anime industry by purchasing this title when it becomes available in your territory.

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