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Gaardian Announces Project Andolor
Hey, I can see my manor from here!
Written by Mandorallen

There's one place Google Earth hasn't mapped yet, and that place is Aardwolf. That's exactly what Gaardian's latest project hopes to achieve.

At a press conference last week, Editor-in-Chief Mandorallen announced head-spinning plans the clan had for the upcoming quarter. "We're very excited to unveil one of the largest and most challenging projects to have ever been attempted by a group outside of the Wolf administration," Mandorallen jubilantly reported.

"Project Andolor hopes to address the void in interactivity between individual maps and their related areas and continents," he stated. "People want to see the big picture. They want to zoom in and out, and scroll around, and click on things to explore, because that's what people do these days."

The Editor-in-Chief then displayed many pie charts on his PowerPoint slides he had just whipped up to illustrate these apparent facts. However, it soon become apparent that these figures were pulled out of a recent poll for cheese vs. bacon hamburgers when he accidentally switched to his preparation spreadsheets.

Unabashed, he continued: "We're going to couple this with our You too, will finally be able to exclaim, "Hey, I can see my manor from here!"brand new spiffy room database that we've just released to the public. If you haven't checked it out, you should head over to rooms.gaardian.com ASAP." He then proceeded to reiterate the same advertisement about the new room database for the next twenty minutes.

"While we're at it, we might as well go all-out in terms of features. One feature request that has already been lined up include seamless integration between our room database and Project Andolor. It will be just like Google Maps: one day, you'll type in your manor's name, and you'll be presented with a zoomed-in map highlighting your manor. You too, will finally be able to exclaim, "Hey, I can see my manor from here!"

"Soon enough, you'll be able to generate speedwalks by clicking on any pair of rooms. People will be winning GQs faster. They will be spending more time with their loved ones. Life couldn't be much better."

"Actually, that's where our Campaign Completer (TM) line comes in," Mandorallen admitted, "but that'll have to wait till next year's conference."

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