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Academy Rats Get Hungry, Then Sniffed Out
There's A Lot of Cheese in a Suspicious Pot
Written by VelvetLies

      It started with phone calls and memos delivered to our receptionist (I might add, she is looking quite lovely and refreshed from her latest botox and touch-up that is NEVER charged to her expense account). We understand that Mandorallen is a popular person, tech genius, helpful helper, birthday guru and all-around stand-up guy, but this was still too much. Even drop-in visitors have been trolling our hall to ask:

     "Is Mand levelling today?"

     "Do you know how many mobs he has left for his CP?"

      "Can you give him these chocolates for me?"

     Even one of those fancy Buff High Tiers that like to collect little tiers as pet-friends came by with a sly, little smile, a sure sign something was rotten in the state of Gaardian.

     Then came the break we needed, a tip from the Aylorian Acadamy that had recently relieved two of it's middle management development accountants from duty as a 4,872,126,499 gold discrepancy had turned up. Funds siphoned from leaflet sales of inactive newbies were virtually untraceable until the accountants, we'll call them Jonky and Tonky, got greedy enough to begin making mistakes.

     Tonky, the apparent ringleader, worked for Auction, Inc before the Academy opened and reached out to his shady connections to widen the conspiracy and sweeten the pot. No one would notice a weird taxation on one or two items per day, especially the t9 re-doers. Unsold items, retained by Auction, Inc, began to slip out the back door, eventually exposing the whole scheme.

     At the center of it all, a bizarre gambling ring of imaginary mobs gambling on the fates of real players. All the hubbub around our hall was because of one particular pool that has been open for years, amassing a minor fortune. When would Mandorallen finish t0?
     Embarrassed officials in Aylor confessed they knew of the ring, placing their own bets in 2005 after too many jell-o shots at the Fall Ball. An anonymous source told us that they never imagined the pool would still be open and had considered shutting the racket down, but were tempted by that sweet, sweet gold money piling up as more suckers took the bet. 


**this article is not true, but it may be more likely than Mandorallen actually tiering. 

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