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Aardwolf Facing Discrimination Accusations
Gaardian investigates vicious MUD slinging
Written by VelvetLies

      Aardwolf has always had a clear policy regarding non-human characters, also known in some circles as NHC or Bots. While not completely unwelcome, these NHC are limited in their freedom, usually confined to simply disappear into the void and reappear with a public display of bodily function. Other NHC stoically remain homebound, reporting unimpressive stats of uneventful hours passed to their friends or clannies.
     Things can become fuzzy as some characters transition between being a human player and a non-human player. It's like that dude in the new Terminator movie, they are able to operate both as human and machine. Operating as machine, nearly any "productive" activity can result in nuclear punishment. 

     A new community is protesting this discrimination, writing letters to diplomats and leaving strongly worded graffiti in strategic locations. This community is not comprised of non-human players, but of their human spouses and grouping associates, fighting for the rights of their mechanical counterparts. We were able to interview a couple organizers at a small gathering in a secret location. The meeting leader, who wished to maintain anonymity told us,

     "We are not all robosexuals, but many of us are. We love our partners, not in spite of being bots, but because they are. There's no dueling personalities or emotional drama. My spouse has not been human since it joined it's latest clan 4 months ago and we have never been happier. It quests all day long, very quietly, and then it responds to certain commands I give it to share it's EQ with me and give me TP. It's far better than when I was dealing with another person all of the time."

     A first-timer at the meeting showed similar enthusiasm, "I just grouped with a bot for the first time yesterday. It was so awesome! It never lagged or had to AFK for phone calls or missed an attack, plus it rescued and even healed me when I needed it. I was so stoked to log in when I got off of work, but when I got online, my partner had been cruelly nuked and I got stuck with this dumbass newbie that couldn't even understand how to navigate area portals. I didn't even want to play for about 10 hours after that."

     No names were given, though, regarding which players are allegedly human or non-human, and no statements were received from any player claiming to be a full or part-time bot. We did receive several letters expressing praise and celebrating the merits of bots - everything from speeding up global quest cycles to item harvesting and one writer that simply stated, "I just love it when they go BEEP BEEP BEEP."

     Analysts report that the hostile climate towards non-human characters is unlikely to change, but organizers of the Equal Play movement encourage supporters to wear a (Robosexual) tag somewhere in their title or description. 

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