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'Lies Guide to a More Stylish Deletion
Add a Little Flair to Your Exit
Written by VelvetLies

     Had enough? Certain the facts that you a) haven't slept in four days, and b) haven't eaten anything more nutritious than organic cheese puffs in a week, have nothing to do with your current emotional state because it's TOTALLY NOT AN IRRATIONAL MOOD SWING?!?!?11

     Yeah, it's time. So, kiss THIS, Questor, and take your simple tasks and shove them right up your vile threats because it's over now. Time to get a job or get laid or start playing a game with graphics. Of course, you want to be cool when you go, but how cool is cool enough?


+2 Style Points (each):

  • Get nuked for botting (finally).
  • Squander your resources in a dramatic, publish fashion that benefits other players.
  • Write a sappy, sentimental or angst-ridden note sharing your feelings with everyone.

+3 Style Points (each):

  • Pool your resources into 100+ trivia points and sac them at Questor/Recall.
    • -1 Style Point if this action is performed at Aard Hotel; your amulet should have been sold for the cause.
  • Do it, then beg to have your character restored and either succeed or give up.
    • -1 Style Point if you continue to talk about how buff you woulda been if....

+5 Style Points (each):

  • Delete with a full inventory of your spouse's EQ.
  • Sell your clan maze and reap the profits with your 'secret' alt.
  • Pretend to delete by outcasting, divorcing, class-changing, renaming, etc.

+25 Style Points:

  • Get it over quickly, painlessly and drama free.

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