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It's not that I don't WANT to!
I just won't.
Written by Fiendish

I always get people sending me tells asking to group. For some reason, people see a character older than dirt who is only a T2, in the era of 1-year-to-T9 dragbies, and they think that *I* am prime grouping realestate. Usually the tell looks something like this:

xxxxxxxxx tells you 'care grp?'

Now I could just say "no". But that's not all of it. I like to be open and honest with all of my would-be suitors. So, in an effort for full disclosure, I invariably say something along the lines of

"I don't kill mobs."

Then they always -- ALWAYS -- come back at me with "'oh ok ;)'"

What. the. bloody. maggot filled. flower. Before I just wasn't going to level. Now I hate you. For those who don't "get" it...

"oh ok" <-- this part is cool

";)" <-- die in an electrical fire

What the hell is wrong with you? A wink? A WINKY FACE? Jesus christ* man. I'm not just blowing you off. I'm not lying to you about what I'm doing right now. This is not a secret joke haha funny funny. You are not in on my little secret. You haven't caught me with my proverbial pants down**. There is no nudging or winking or saying no more.

It's not a conspiracy. I just don't play. So don't wink at me like you know something that I don't. Because you don't.

Acceptable ways to end a response to group rejection:




Unaccceptable ways to end a response to group rejection.






And now you know.


* - Here's a question for the ages. Why do Jews always say "jesus christ!" ?

** - only my actual ones.

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