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Game Creator Renames MUD
Aardwolf tops the charts in adult industry among others
Written by Mandorallen

In an effort to attract new players, Lasher has decided that a change to a more modern-day name is in order. Henceforth, Aardwolf is to be known as the World of Wombats, Weasels and Women - or WoWWW for short.

As a result of this change, Aardwolf's website has been completely revised to not only promote the plethora of luscious and beautiful women to be found within, but to also showcase the miraculous singing weasels and wombats named Bernie that can be stumbled upon in-game.

From people with sticky keys and stubby fingers to diligent zoologists, the catchy new name and website redesign has attracted all sorts of visitors from around the world. Many renown field scientists were reported to have canceled their vacation plans for this special opportunity to examine singing weasels in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, the same level of enthusiasm could not be found in their counterpart wombat Henceforth, Aardwolf is to be known as the World of Wombats, Weasels and Womenresearchers, who have registered distress at having their live specimens brutally murdered in front of their eyes with axes, daggers, butcher knives, hedge shears and even banana peelers.

This savage and cruel behaviour towards mobiles has caught the attention of a few unexpected parties. CSI teams have been brought into the Aardwolf realm to investigate the corpses of creatures that have been flyswatted to death, and there are a number of ongoing investigations that involve victims that have been severely pummeled with large slabs of beef. "To this day, I could never have imagined the damage a large roll of toilet paper could do", admitted Dr. Langston, an expert of criminal behaviour. 

Whatever the impression Aardwolf may leave to its next visitor, it is clear that the decision to alter the game's name has had profound results on its publicity and skyrocketing popularity.

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