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2009 To Bring Joy and More to Aardwolf!
The waiting is almost over...
Written by VelvetLies

 1. Best New Command - Who Hottie

   Forget 'who female'. Sexual orientation is so 1990's! Gender doesn't matter nearly as much as general hotness.


2. Winter Weather SWs

    Slick paths interrupt normal travel. On your way to Rosewood Castle, you slip on a pactch of ice and find yourself in the Mountains of Desolation.


3. JloR triumphs continue!

     After bagging the interview with Lasher, Rezit books Jesus and Obama in summer 2009.


4. Pockets 3-10

     Coming in v4, along with conversion to 12 tier system.


5. Continued Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
     30 new ways to ruin the MUD, or your money back!


6. Santa Code Modification

    Instead of a brief visit to bestow gifts upon players, Santa will remain in Aylor all year long, singing holiday carols in a chipmunk voice.


7. Aardwolf: THE MUSICAL!

    Casting calls begin in February, rehearsals in March, tour launches in June. Stay tuned for dates/cities to be announced!

  **Preparations for Aardwolf: ON ICE! will begin in September.


8. Random Psi-chic Prediction from the Mental Institute:

    A clan of unknown origin will (un)voluntary rename their leader rank to Ass Clown.


9. The ACPD Adopts Conservation Concerns

     Leaked documents indicate a motion for a new penalty for wasting letters by spamming, grammatical errors, and/or using an incorrect channel.


10. More Activity From Testers!

      A small group formed to concentrate on identification and effects of performance enhancing drugs and Aardwolf will release it's findings at the end of the first quarter.

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