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Olde Timers Too Stubborn to Change
Mid-what-ian Publishing Group?
Written by VelvetLies

   It has been a while since Aardwolf has known the old central city of Midgaard. So, it wasn't too much of a surprise when the question began to surface around the newsroom floor. When would the Midgaard Publishing Group get with the program and update our moniker? Gone but not forgotten, Midgaard maintains it's warm, cozy spot in our inky black hearts (which are inky black with black ink, and not inky black darkness of character).
  But what of the newbies? New visitors that never experienced the old, tiny, fido-ridden city of yore? What will they think of this strange publishing house that rarely actually publishes anything? Will they begin stumbling into our reception area dazed and bewildered wondering "where is the local news? And where are these Gaardian papers imported from?"
   It's possible. Stranger questions have been asked, at which point we kindly guide these confused patrons to the research and history as documented by Twinlobe, or perhaps the Seekers, as we have little concern for accuracy of facts. We do have appreciation for our traditions, including honoring our historical city of origin. But what if we were to update ourselves to a more, say, v3ish title. What name could we adopt then? The Aylorian Publishing Group, perhaps. That seems the most logical option. Or we might think bigger, and lean towards something like The Mesolarian Publishing Group. Maybe we would aim for a title that more accurately reflects our content and rename to The BS Express.
     Don't hold your breath. After 12 long years of Aardwolf, so much has changed, but these old dogs aren't learning any new tricks today. As much as we may love the upgrades and additions to our once tiny and complicated world, there's nostalgia to be had for the good old days. We can revisit the issue after 5 or 10 more great years, or when we run out of lawyers to hire and fire. Long live The Midgaardian Publishing Group, and many, many more happy days of Aardwolf to all!  

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