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Written by Rezit

Aylor - The 2008 NASCAARD season has come to a close, and it came down to the wire for Rau to be named the 2008 NASCAARD Champion!

With less than 10 laps to go, Jennie hit the wall in turn 3, thus killing her chances of stealing the points Championship from Rau. Rezit, who was still in the running, wrecked early on in the race, thus removing any chance of him getting back into the race. He then battled back, getting a lap back of the two he went down, but wrecked again to allow Rau a chance to get back in for fuel and tires.

Rau pulled off the unthinkable, he was able to win the Good Ole Ivar 75 and the Championship in the final 5 laps of the race. He had this to say after the race. "I really want to thank Darkness and my teammates on Shadokil Racing Enterprises. We''ve worked really hard this season, through long test sessions, teamwork, good communications, and being there for each other. In SKRE, there is no I in team. This was a win for us all, not just me. It goes to my crew, it goes to Rezit, Chantal, Androg, Rkive, Zanion, Rascal, and all the other members of SKRE who helped me get to the top of this series."

After the race, Jennie thanked her team and her sponsors for the great season that she was able to have. She finished second in points and still can be heralded at having a great season. She had the most wins of any other driver.

As all eyes move to the 2009 NASCAARD season, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Will the racing be the same? Will Moolb actually make it to a race? Will the 2007 NASCAARD Champion, Vesper, come back to haunt Rau and put in an effort to become the first ever, two-time Champion?

Only time will tell.

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