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Avalanche Hits Storm Mountain
Written by Barkin
Gigantic clouds of billowing snow crash down from the tops of Storm Mountain yesterday, leaving hundreds of people stranded and several dead.  A snowman captain could be heard bellowing rescue orders out to what seemed like the entire snowman army.   After talking to the snowman General at his make shift command center, it was obvious that this was not going to be a small search and rescue.  The general said that he had planned to mobilize every trooper under his command to get help to all those that are still trapped and to bring back the mutilated bodies of the dead.
Bob the priest dude has even come out to assist where he can.  He has told me that he has already preformed several religious services as well as issuing a couple last rights.  Even in a tragedy like this, Bob seems to have a smile on his face as he sees all the wildlife still around.  He has seen several snowshoe rabbits hopping around, nibbling on some freshly uncovered branches.  He even mentioned that he saw a Mama, Papa and small fox playing in the shadows of a nearby fox den.
One veteran climber has said that several people have seen the legendary abominable snowman.  Some say he is just a legend but with the amount of sightings coming in every day, it leaves some to believe that he is actually real.
Overall this catastrophe could have been a lot worst.  But with the amount of new snowman recruits, troops and wannabe Generals, all rescue attempts are moving smoothly and with great enthusiasm about finding everyone else alive. With such a huge rescue effort, the snowman general expects to have everything wrapped up by the end of the week.

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