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Macross Frontier
Written by Danj

This season, the franchise returns (although curiously not in HD unlike other recent bigname shows like Gundam 00 and Code Geass R2) with Macross Frontier. If you missed out on seeing the older Macross shows, don't worry, because you don't need to have seen them in order to know what's going on here.

The transforming fighters and their complements of missiles are still in evidence, although now they're rendered in CG. Songs were also a recurring theme in previous Macross shows and we're treated to some up-to-date tracks in Frontier as well. The show starts out with a bunch of flying-school students who are scheduled to provide a coloured smoke display for the famous songstress Sheryl Nome's concert. This starts out well, but then Alto, the long-haired guy who everyone says looks like a girl, decides he wants to show off. Things get screwed up, of course, and Sheryl falls off the stage, forcing Alto to pile on the power and catch her, but she recovers and carries on singing as if it was planned all along and Alto is surprised by her professionalism.

Shortly after this, however, the concert is interrupted by an evacuation order which has been given out due to an approaching hostile alien member of a race known as the Vajra. The latest-model Valkyrie transforming fighters sortie to try and deal with it, and while they do some damage they're unable to prevent it from crashing into the middle of the city, where various sorts of destruction ensue.

Only three episodes of Macross Frontier have aired so far but it is shaping up to be one of the best shows running this season. Definitely worth a look.

Macross Frontier is currently unlicensed in the United States and can be found in fan subtitled format from Gattai fansubs. Please support your domestic anime industry by purchasing this title when it becomes available in your territory.

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