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Rickrolling Comes to Aardwolf
Rick Astley is Never Gonna Give You Up
Written by Mandorallen

Our beloved jukebox machine that used to reside at a stand off along Starlight Way exploded recently after serving up "Never Gonna Give You Up" for the nine millionth time. Music channel aficionados who were greatly saddened by the loss of the lyrics from everyone's favourite music video began to spread the love through the rickrolling phenomenon.

Like Leona Lewis after her Oprah debut, rickrolling blew up in epic proportions among the Aardwolf populace. Everywhere one looked, rickroll links could be found plastered up on graffiti'd walls and blatantly displayed in whois descriptions. The rickrolling king himself, Rick Astley, soon caught wind of his popularity here and created his own Aardwolf character under the alias "Rickroll".

All hell broke lose when Astley unleashed his plans to bring the Rickroll to the masses through a grand concert tour around Aardwolf. Many of the mobile inhabitants of the realm were not pleased. Several goblins at the Goblin Fortress could be heard singing "I'm Gonna Tear You a New Ass!" to the tune of Never Gonna Give You Up. Meanwhile, the Prison announced that it no longer has room for any additional inmates.

Appeals to the Wolf administration team to outlaw rickrolling have fallen on deaf ears. On the contrary, Lasher was heard to be experimenting with LUA audio plugins while other immortals busied themselves with producing a faithful re-creation of the music video in ASCII art.

Rickroll is here to stay, folks. Make sure you rickroll someone today!


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