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Written by A Guest Contributor

SEEKING employment in a household that does not require keeping keys. Previous work experience and contacts available upon request. Ludo the butler.
SEEKING services of a butler. Contact Morrolon at Castle Black.
REQUESTING assistance of a competent defense attorney. Wife of Insane Gambler.
SELLING skins. All the time. See Forsale Board.
SEEKING cure for lycanthropy. Contact wereaardwolf.
BUYING Shadokil Beanie Babies. Contact ShdwFan.
RALLYING supporters to help liberate rangers from the Dungeon! Follow GREEN (GrassRoots Equality Encouragement Network).
RECRUITING members. See RangerKillers INC.
COLLECTING magnetic poetry! Donate to Bard.
SEEKING those unafflicted by writer's block. Contact Gaardian.

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