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March Sudoku Mini-Challenger
Written by Mandorallen
This competition has been concluded. Please look forward to the results!

Try your hand at a new variation of Sudoku entitled "
Wordoku"! In Wordoku, puzzle solvers use letters instead of numbers to complete a Sudoku-like grid. Upon completion of the puzzle, the upper-left to bottom-right diagonal will read out the name of a common everyday English word. Full details provided below!

Prizes: This puzzle should be a snap for both new and veteran Sudoku solvers alike. However, due to a sudden unexpected increase in the size of my bank account, the same generous prizes from last month are offered here again:
* 500,000 gold to the first correct entry;
* 300,000 gold to the second correct entry;
* 200,000 gold to the third correct entry;
* 100,000 gold for all other correct entries.

The solution will be posted in the next edition of Gaardian, along with all the correct posters.


Instructions: "Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, every six-square subsection, and every six-square diagonal contain all of the letters in the phrase "AS COIN" (that is, A, C, I, N, O, and S). When you are done, the top-left to bottom-right (green) diagonal will read out a common everyday word related to both the phrase above and to one of the articles in this month's edition of Gaardian. Using your deductive reasoning abilities, you should be able to make short work of this month's mini-challenger." There is only one solution to each puzzle. For more information on the original puzzle, visit http://www.sudoku.com/.


The Grid:

(Click the image for an enlarged version of the grid.)

This competition has been concluded. Please look forward to the results!
To enter this contest, post your solution to Mandorallen on the Personal board.

Good luck!

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