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Sanitation drops below 0% in Arboria!
Written by Nehtor
A shocking poll has uncovered what seems to be the worst mess in centuries. The citizens of Arboria are fleeing from the terrible smell. Those who don't flee have a bad habit of getting eaten. It appears that the last few survivors are succumbing to the smell that the apparently flesh-eating zombies are giving off.


Some sanitation workers had been sent to clean up the mess and fix the plumbing, but according to the headquarter for sanity and sanitation, they were all eaten. As a few survivors of the investigation team returned, they told stories of how they tried initiating conversations with people, but ended up either holding the person's arm or almost fainting because of the horribly bad breath. One even tried offering a mint for better breath; he ended up having a chunk of his stomach eaten and only one leg remaining.


Some claim that bad smell doesn't have anything to do with the high death rate, but tourist information chief of Arboria comments by saying "Well, it might be the zombies that are killing people, but they do it in a very smelly way!"


So until further notice, the tourist information office has sent out a warning to all tourists: "If you dislike a light smell of rotting zombie flesh, we suggest that you stay away from our beautiful city, where children can run around and play all day long."

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