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Gold in them there Mines!
Written by Barkin

Sent to protect the main streets of Gold Rush, Marshall James, has his hands full as prospectors run through the streets with a newfound sense of urgency.  A new vein has been found in the old mining tunnels!  These new found riches have brought many new faces to an almost dead town.

With the vast amount of new prospectors arriving daily, people are forced to share the limited mine space and work in shifts.  Some old-timers have become outraged that they have to share what they believe to be rightfully theirs.  With all the built-up frustrations that some seem to be showing, the Marshall and his newly appointed deputies have their hands full with everything from minor arguments to bar fights and even accusations of claim jumping.  But the Marshall seems optimistic.  He was quoted saying “Everything will work in the end”.

And of course some have found wealth just tending to their businesses.  The Grand Hotel has not had an empty room in weeks, the Bullet Hole saloon had to bring in double shipments of whiskey and hire more Can-Can dancers, and the House of Pleasure had to recruit more “working” girls and ordered mass quantities of condoms.

Like with everything, with the good comes the bad.  Some miners have gotten themselves lost deep within the mines.  Some have made it back to tell their horrific tales of deformed creatures of the deep and massive cracks that seem to come from nowhere.  Rescue workers sent to find these lost miners have confirmed that five people so far have fallen to their deaths in some of the massive cracks that are in the floor of some of the mine shafts.

No one knows how long the new vein of gold will last.  Many hope that it will last for quite a while but there are always those that expect the worst and do not see these newfound riches to last long at all.  I can tell you that all this new gold has defiantly rejuvenated the once dead town.

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