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Wife murders husband with poker cards
Written by The Winter Rose

Big Al, the Insane Gambler, was found dead in the Exotica Room of Ivar's Casino last Monday. The dealer in that room, the desert maiden Yasmin discovered the body upon arriving at work. The body had 52 wounds, ranging from minor cuts to gaping slashes, all dealt by common playing cards thrown at high speeds.
The cityguards found his wife, Jannet, at home, calmly filing her nails after cleaning an empty house. She confessed to the deed, explaining that her husband had been selling everything in the house, including her precious shoes, in order to buy chips. He had lost his job at the Mob Factory several months prior, when it was torn down in the wildlife restoration program. Jannet the housewife commented, "He got what he deserved. He didn't have very good hands." She was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and cruel and unusual punishment.
The smiling Yasmin comments (while still managing to keep smiling), "A high roller, he was here all the time. I dealt the cards. I never questioned where he got the money."
Jannet managed to recover 14 pairs of shoes, but has yet to find everything else he had sold, which included the dining room set, the television, most of her jewelry, and 32 pairs of shoes.
The manager of Ivar's Casino, Ivar, has publicly stated that his casino is not responsible for any losses by its patrons.
The unfortunate addict's body is currently being examined by the surgeon Lucretius at Pompeii to discover why he did not defend himself. Jannet is being held at the Midgaard Jail for a $2 million bail. She will be tried on Friday. Card-throwing fans have been clamoring to get her signature since her arrest.
Since the opening of Ivar's Casino, and the recent inception of the poker craze, a number of individuals have succumbed to the horrors of the gambling addiction. These addicts stay night and day in the casino, gambling away their paychecks or donations from generous citizens. We must all learn to keep a careful watch on our friends and families for signs of this sickness.
Some self-control can be purchased in Melancholy's Maps Shop. Unfortunately, the Insane Gambler had none.

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