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Xeno appointed Imm, Ex-Imms relax somewhat
Written by Wolfe

The new Imms for the Spring season have been announced, and the appointment of Xeno amongst them has caused small sighs of relief from those who were once Immortal.

"He's a great guy, don't get me wrong," said one former Admin, who preferred to remain anonymous. "Can't do enough to help folk, easy to get on with. But then he'd spring these damned questions on you. 'Hey, do you remember what level the command 'gblargh' is set at, and possibly the message using it gives when you attempt to use it on a mob, at sunset, whilst Wizi?'

"I didn't know half that crap when I was an Imm," confided another of Lasher's former nukemonkeys. "Mostly it was about the power. The power, and the adoration."

"I felt I'd plumbed the depths of my friends knowledge," said Xeno earlier today. "Admittedly, with the likes of Wolfe, this took around half an hour of casual questioning. But there was still that elusive 5% of imm commands that I hadn't managed to comprehensively document. It was time for phase two of my scheme."

In related news, the appointment of Xyzzy to the Imm team has sent the market prices of AardScrabble tiles into freefall, certain tiles trading on auction for up to 20 times their usual rate.

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