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The Rise and fall of a Superhero
Written by Barkin
The power surges through your lungs as you announce to the world of Aardwolf that you are a SUPERHERO. You feel alive and bursting with joy as all the congratulatory gossip cheers you on and the screams of thanks as others get a chance to reach such a prestigious level just a bit quicker. Now what? Oh yes…power ups. Oh! What you could do with max stats. There’s millions in gold that you could make by enchanting items. It can’t be that hard, hell it’s only 1000 experience points now. Oh! The perks of being a SH. Kill after Kill after kill. You think to yourself, this is going to be easy. 5, 10, 20 power ups. Hmmm…only getting 2-3 trains a power up. You think that it’s a bit slow going but should not be that much more before you are able to get some decent stats. Kill, kill, kill. 1K after 1K of exp and all you get is 2-3 stinking trains per PUP. Well, what the hell, might as well throw a couple of quests into the mix. Were Wood? Not bad. Nottingham? Damn Little John. Now you think you can handle this for a little bit longer. Wait…damn another 2 trains. Time for another quest… Evil Lasher in ST:TNG? You do not find an lasher. WTF?! Can questor be screwing with you? Ok, by now you are wonder what you were thinking. You have about 60 power ups, 6 failed quests because you go to the area and cannot find the mob, the room is not on any damn map, you have only added 36 or so stats and not even close to max’ing anything and the only good thing you have found about this whole damn thing has been the gold you have collected. You’re not sure how much more you could take. But there is a bit of hope of becoming a maxxed SH. Well it's not a 7X maxxed SH but you still will be on top of the heap. AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! 5 more PUPs, 12 trains. That is barely enough for 2 friggin stats! You finally feel the pressure. You recall back to Mota and type in: run 2s3w4ne2ned; remort Cleric; remort Cleric. [1 T0 Vamp MLT]

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