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September Sudoku Challenger
Written by Mandorallen
This competition is now concluded. Please stay tuned for the results!

For those of you who are tired of filling in Sudoku puzzle after Sudoku puzzle, give this month's challenger a try. Here, the boxes have all been completed, but the task of rearranging the boxes is left to you! More details below.

Prizes: We will continue to offer the same rewards as last month:
* 1,000,000 gold to the first correct entry;
* 500,000 gold to the second correct entry;
* 300,000 gold to the third correct entry;
* 200,000 gold for all other correct entries.

The solution will be posted in the next edition of Gaardian, along with all the correct posters.

Instructions: "Arrange the boxes below to form a 9 by 9 square grid. If done correctly, you will be able to see that every row, every column, and every nine-square subsection (box) in the grid contains the numbers 1 through 9. To start you off, two numbers in the grid have already been provided." There is only one solution to each puzzle. For more information on the original puzzle, visit http://www.sudoku.com/.

(How you interpret this clue is entirely up to you. It is possible to solve the puzzle using the clue alone.)

Note: You do not need to rotate any of the pieces in this puzzle.

The Pieces:

(Click the image for an enlarged version of all the pieces.)

The Grid:

(Click the image for an enlarged version of the grid.)

This competition is now concluded. Please stay tuned for the results!

To enter this contest, post your solution (your completed grid) to Mandorallen on the Personal board. To save time, you may also post your answer in a block format. For example:
is a perfectly valid format.

Good luck!

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