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Aylor 131 Fashion Show presented by Midgaardian Publishing House
Written by Barkin

With short deadlines and a dwindling staff (damn Holidays), this past month has been a busy one for the members of Gaardian. So when asked by city officials to host a fashion show, some were skeptical to whether or not it could be put together.

With some inspirational words for the editors (I don’t care, just get it done! – It’s your jobs on the line so make it work!; you get the picture) we made it happen. The spectacular event was put on last Monday on the Lightsoil Boardwalk. It turned out to be more that expected.

Nehtor was overheard saying “Where did all these people come from? I can’t take it!” and was seen running for the back office closet. With one member down and 10 new pieces of EQ to show, Trurien stepped up and volunteered to start the show off right.

While he quickly changed into his new clothes, Mandorallen stepped up to the mic and let the crowd know it was time to begin. I must say that when Trurien stepped onto the catwalk sporting the new Spike Studded Bracers and Wolverine Brand Work Boots, the spectators started clapping like there was no tomorrow.

Not to be outdone, Kittenbane was next to take the stage. Her choice of clothes was a bit more risqué. She was showing the new Kit's Daisy Dukes and the full-length Shaved Beaver Coat. That was enough to send the crowd over the edge. Security had to be called in to calm everyone down. It was rumored that Kittenbane made 250,000 gold in tips but that is totally unconfirmed.

Next in line was Josie with new pieces; SpillGaard Espresso Holster, great for the reporter on the go, a Weather-Proof Duster, great for keeping out the elements, and A Leather Billed Visor. Last, but not least, Blackfell finished up the show with Printer Bearings, a great look to replace rings, a stunning pair of earrings, Ear Trumpets, and <<<|Reporter|>>>'s Sharp EYE, all the better to see with.

With new line of EQ debuted, Mandorallen concluded the show with a small “after ceremony” party in the Midgaardian Publishing House Reception Area. Mandorallen was overheard saying that the new line of 131 EQ was a huge hit.

When asked how she felt, Kittenbane had no comment and stormed off. It is now known that gold pieces do leave marks and new leg EQ is now going to be called Barkin's *Fluffy* Pink Tutu. It’s rumored that he is the instigator behind the daisy dukes but he still denies any and all involvement.

Overall, the Gaardian’s EQ is the best for pushing DR high and stats even higher. So come on over to the News Stand and check them out!

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