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Santa Claus... Is Coming, Or Not?
Written by Trurien

Citizens of Aylor have had to contend with many changes over the recent months, and one traditional visitor to the city this time of year has been noticeably absent.

After the recent geographical upheavals, and the furore over the name of the seasonal stalwart sitting on the temple steps, many have wondered where Santa Claus has been.

Older citizens recalled with fondness the times when hordes thronged Aylor, or Midgaard as it was known back then, to request for a favour from the jolly old elf.

After a long search, Santa was approached in his home in the icy northern plains of Gelidus, and he took the time to answer a few questions.

(Let it go on the record that this reporter had trouble getting past Santa's security, who refused to stop attacking until an ice-cream scoop was brandished, at which the Snowman shied away and chose to recognise the press pass.)

The edited interview transcript is posted below.

Gaardian (G): Hello Santa, how have you been?

Santa Claus (SC): Oh, you know, the usual... overdosing on eggnog, consoling the unwanted toys, supervising the production lines.. it's been the same thing every year. How's Midgaard?

(G): It's actually gone from sight, replaced by Aylor.

(SC): Oh, is that so? Ho ho ho, I should take the time to visit sometime soon. But my elves have been telling me it's not that safe a place to go to..

(G): There've been some disputes, but overall it's the same place you used to know, though with some architectural changes. And there's now a temple of Ivar...

(SC): Ho ho ho, that old chap's really moved up in status, hasn't he? Looks like he won't be needing presents from me for a while!

(G): What the public would like to know is, why haven't you dropped by Aylor on your routine tours yet?

(SC): Well, I've been checking my list, and it seems most of you Aylorians have been naughty, so until that changes, I won't go traipsing round Aylor for some time.

(G): Word has it that Ivar's daughter has some presents you might have use for...

(SC): Ah, you're the evil one indeed! Ho ho ho, I haven't had a taste of h-

The rest of the interview was censored to retain our family-friendly nature, but this reporter had to be bribed with enough eggnog and goodwill to cheer even the Grinch hiding in one corner of the area.

To sum up the remainder of the interview, it is perhaps safe to say that thanks to Ivar's progeny, Santa will indeed be coming this time of year.

And if any of you would like some Espresso to help stay awake while waiting for Santa to appear, do drop by Gaardian's office, west of the incinerator bot, and head south for some hot coffee.

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