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Welcome to the NHK!
Written by Danj

A shadowy organisation calling itself the Nippon Hikikomori Kyokai is manipulating the youth of Japan behind the scenes into dropping out of society.

Well, no, not really, but that's how Satou-san would like to explain away his current situation. For Satou-san is a hikikomori; he rarely goes out, he only eats convenience store dinners, he smokes a lot and generally doesn't do very much all day. One of the rare times he does go out is in the evenings, when he goes for a walk in a nearby park. On one such occasion, he meets a girl - or it might be more accurate to say the girl meets him, since she's actually been keeping an eye on his apartment from her hilltop house for some reason.

The girl, whose name is Misaki, announces that she plans to make a project of rescuing Satou-san from his hikikomori state. Satou-san is initially resistant to this idea, being quite content to continue his life as a no-good failure of a human.

Another day, Satou-san finally gets so annoyed by the incessant playing of the theme to Mysterious Purupuru Plrin from the next-door apartment that he bursts in and complains. This results in him meeting Yamazaki, a programmer and otaku who is attending a specialist school for budding game creators. Satou-san ends up teaming up with Yamazaki to create an eroge in order to show Misaki that he's not completely worthless and doesn't need her help.

Satou-san gets embroiled in various different situations during the course of this series; he's tricked into joining a pyramid scheme, he tries to get a job but just can't cope with being around people, he runs into a female friend from his old high school and follows her off to what turns out to be the Internet equivalent of a suicide pact (which nearly turns out very badly).

At the time of writing, NHK ni Youkoso! is unlicensed in the United States and has been fan subtitled by Oyasumi Subs. Please support your domestic anime industry by buying the DVDs when they become available in your territory!

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