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UnderDark not safe!
Written by Barkin

Deep below Fort Terramire there crawls an unruly element of life that seems to be growing ever so large. An unsightly element seems to have taken root in the south eastern part of the UnderDark. Many have made the trip there but most do not stay long. They come back with tales of constantly being harassed by petty thieves and small time thugs.

Not totally believing everything that I have heard about the place, I decided to take a trip and go see for myself. After finding a quaint little place near the crossroads of the road of shadows and sunset, I started my investigation. 

As I was walking out the door, the Inn Keeper pulled me aside and gave me a few tips about traveling around the UnderDark. He said, “One, don’t go west. There is supposedly a hidden dungeon nearby. Two, the Brothel on Slavers Route is a tough place. Stay away from the alleys near Slavers Route. People have been known to disappear.  Stay away from the prison, and don’t ever go down the Forgotten alley.” With these words of wisdom in mind, I pulled my cloak tightly around me and headed out the door. 

After wondering the streets for what seemed to be forever, I finally got to see first hand at what all the fuss seemed to be about. I was mugged at dagger-point. Thank goodness I was only had a small amount of gold on me and I was even more thankful that I was able to hid a few gold coins so I could eat.

As I was leaving Deaths lane on my way to a nice and recommended dinning hall, I started to see “things” slipping in and out of the shadows. Some barely more than a passing whisper but others I was able to distinguish as something close to humanoid. At this point I decided to run like hell. Not sure why by it was giving me the creeps. 

Well after a nice dinner of lamb and a few to many ales, I ended up talking myself into trying out the Brothel and seeing if I could pin down a good evenings “entertainment”. Needless to say I did not get to far. Realizing that I did not have any money on me, the bouncers thought I was trying to swindle them and tossed me out on my rear-end. 

Finally after getting the crap beat out of me again because I did not have any gold, the Inn Keeper found me lying in a ditch and took me back to my room. Over all, I must say that the UnderDark is NOT a place to go on vacation. If you must go, I highly suggest that you go during the day, and bring lots of friends.

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