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Gaardian Classifieds
Written by VelvetLies

Gaardian Classifieds Rates and Regulations

Individual Ads
Individual Ads start at 250K for an eight week run. Standard ads include one image or url, and 25 word capacity.

Group Rate
           Group Rate ads may be puchased by parties of two or more. Prices start at 500K for an 8 week run, includes one image, one url, and 100 word capacity.

Clan Rate
Clan Rate Ads start at 5M for an 8 week run. Ads include two images, two urls and 250 word capacity.

Public Services
            Public service ads are placed at no charge. Examples may include advertising a clan's version of helpers, mud websites/resources, or individual/clan newbie/player support services. Donations and payment may not be solicited in public services, but ads including such may be placed in thier appropriate category above.

Double your word capacity: 250K
Double your image or url capacity: 500K
+ Extend your run by 4 weeks: 500K
Extend your run by 18 weeks (6 month ad): 10M

All ads placed must meet the guidelines of public channel usage in terms of content and language. Early termination of an ad will not result in refund, and removal of an ad may be subject to editor availability.

To request placement of your ad, please contact classifieds@gaardian.com or Gaardian on Personal Board. Consultation may be available, or include the following in your submission: Category and length applicable, content text, links for images and urls, preferred response method(s), and parties participating.

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