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Gaardian's Rhyme Time Entries
Written by Mandorallen

Entries listed by time received.

Mij's Entry

The spring festival is here !
Complete with games and top notch beer.
There's always something for everyone,
So get your immchix and quickly come !
We've got elephant rides and fighting mice,
And children filled with joyful cries.
Delirious with fun, these little ones are,
Watch them in case they run too far.
Oh, What kind of festival will this be,
If there is no decent cup of coffee ?
Cream or sugar does not matter, take a sip
And get ready for the power trip.
My vision is filled with underwear,
And it seems they are everywhere.
On pom-pom girls in seductive pose,
With nary to wear except a hose.
Forking hell, I curse and swear,
In record time, I strip myself bare.
Only to find, the delusion vanish,
LIke the genie that has been banished.
And here I stand in the festival square,
surrounded by nothing but curious glares.
Chuckles, titters and bright red faces,
Grins and smiles from all Andolar races.

An Ode To Spring Time
By Accora

Forking my bacon, cream in my coffee,
Wake, it is the first day of Spring time, whee!
Immchix, babes, in the sun, they wear little.
Delirious with lust...just a nibble?

I go to the pool, with intent to dive.
But ... those panties ... I just will not survive.
The hose is filling, oh the power trip.
I need to kiss old bessie on the lips.

I mean...er...hold on, can I start again?
See, I have this problem, not like most men.
An elephant, a sheep, a horse, a goat.
I simply need to feel that soft, soft coat.

Like a cheerleaders, with her bright pom-pom.
I cannot be without that barnyard bomb.
I've tried to stop, and I've tried to repent.
But sometimes, I get to close to the fence.

A gentle moo, a baa, a hearty bleat
Shiver up my spine, it's a goat in heat.
I mustn't, I can't...once on the hay bail
Sirens?  What?  All over, I go to jail.

Confusion's Entry

An elephant of girth and heft
Embarked upon a power trip,
And forking right and forking left,
She hastened at a speedy clip.
To join the Immchix was her goal.
That famous band she would impress
Although she lacked the aptitude.
It made her quite delirious.
She soon arrived for interviews.
She offered coffee, sugar, cream.
She modelled Ninja Turtle undies.
She made the Immchix want to scream.
She sang a song and led a cheer.
She waved her pom-pom fetchingly.
She batted eyes and danced and pranced.
The Immchix looked on, retchingly.
The Immchix raised their hands in horror
When the new contestant chose
To raise her skirts with boastful flourish
And show off her panty hose.
At last the Immchix had enough
They could no longer watch this bore.
With screams of rage, as one they moved
To show this elephant the door.
The elephant was quite perplexed.
Their reactions made her wonder.
And thus she squashed the Immchix flat
As she parked herself to ponder.

You See, I Think Dangerous Things
By Saelle

You see, I think dangerous things,
Within the fifteen minutes in my shower.
While the water gently persuasively clings,
And my imagination blossoms like a flower.

An elephant in purple hose
Parading to beg for coffee,
The way it waves its pompoms blows,
But I'd give him some toffee.

Chii of Chobits power tripping,
Pantsu-buying in full force.
If all the immchix dressed so fetching,
Everyone'd be delirious, of course.

Then on to much more, ahem, things,
Like of cream, strawberries and peaches,
And sultry summer and springy flings,
And forking right on beaches.

(You can wonder - did we put forks in sand,
Or did we participate in some exhibitionism?)
So enjoy your shower, I command,
And hope you don't have an orgasm.

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