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Gaardian Festivities Wrap Up
Written by Mandorallen

Aardwolf's 2007 Spring Festival has come to an end, and we are pleased to announce the following winners of our hosted events.

Gaardian Toss-up Trivia

This quick paced trivia covered a wide spectrum of topics, including:
military history, numbers, music from the Simpsons, Indian cuisine, and anime

At its conclusion, Jerm raked in 5 TPs, Confusion won 3 TPs, and Enthyme took home 2 TPs.
For coming in fourth and fifth, Saelle and Logeswaran were both awarded 1,000,000 gold.
As the booby prize this time around, everyone who participated was awarded 500K.

Gaardian Rhyme Time

Our second event involved writing a poem which made use of a rhyming scheme and contained all of the following words:

elephant, pom-pom, power trip, underwear ('panties' or 'undies' also accepted), delirious, cream, forking, coffee, immchix, hose

Without further ado, we re-announce our winners:
Parading in with a skimpy elephant comes Confusion, our first place winner! He snatches our 3 TP prize.
Second place was a tough one, so we ended up with a tie between Mij and Accora! Both of their fascinatingly bawdy entries will be given 2 trivia points! *cheers*
Last, but not least, comes Saelle, who reins in third place. Saelle also steals the TP creativity award for her rather innovative mixture of Chobits and showers.
Unfortunately, all of our entries were equally salacious, so there was no civility prize this time around. Instead, each of our contestants were awarded a bonus 1,000,000 gold. :)

Many thanks to all who joined us this year! You will find all of the winning entries to our Rhyme Time competition below. Enjoy!

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