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Written by VelvetLies

Years I thought I had forgotten to live
 Come flooding back in a new light.
I remember weekends and nights
 That changed my life,
    Days I barely survived,
      Scars I thought would never heal,
         Love II was sure I wouldn't lose,

All the fears of being wrong,
  And yet, so often, I was.

Still I hear the music,
 And still I hear the words.
   All of this has changed me, made me,
Am I better than I was?

I was so careful with my wishes,
 Tried even harder to not regret them;
   I pray I helped more than I hurt.

Wonder if I'll see those faces again,
 Wonder if we could be friends these days,
   Hope they made it out, and made it,
     Pray for their sake their stories
        Were as concocted as some I told.

Today begins a new era,
 I hope that in the future,
   I enjoy revisiting it the same.

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