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NASCAARD Debuts - Kalax is Oradrin's Chosen?
Written by Trurien
As Oladon concluded her rendition of the Aardwolf anthem (one of them, anyway), the racers readied for the beginning of the Oradrin's Chosen 50, held just next to the said area.

Even this event was beset by teething problems, but for those who stayed around it was literally a smashing race. Many times the cars in the lead would try too hard to get ahead and collide into one another, forcing them to start over from the rear of the pack. Androg, Arystul and Spicyhot were in the front until they fell to the "rush crush" that so often happens in such races.

In the end it was Kalax who clinched top spot, claiming his success was down to good tactics. "I chose to let my opponents wear down their engines and tyres so I could make my drive to pole position unopposed," enthused Kalax. "Things only get harder from here, so I'll take the win right now, thank you."

Hook's own Accora was sure of pole position before the flag-off, and his finish in third position did nothing to change matters. "I see each member of team CMR taking the checkered flag at least once during this season. I thought Sebastien and Robbo did great today, I feel. Toyota's Paladins were a fantastic choice and we have no regrets working with them."

In late breaking news, Spicyhot of Dashiell Motorsports signed with CMR in what could prove to be a decisive coup for the team. Morale is expected to go up, as Spicyhot lives up to her name on the racetrack.

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