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Aardwolf's Choice
Written by VelvetLies

We think stuff you like matters.

   We've taken the best elements of Hollywood, democracy, figure skating, and reality television, and smashed them together to bring you the first installment of Aardwolf's Choice. We've increased the capacity of our voting booth slightly to accommodate this feature, to hold five votes simultaneously. Voting is scheduled to start three weeks from the date of this publication, and will run for three weeks in our reception area, 4sw of recall. In the time between this announcement, and the scheduled start of the voting, we will be very enthusiastically encouraging you to submit nominations for the initial five categories we have selected. We'll accept the first thirty nominations for each category into consideration as options, and using our mighty powers of Investigative Research and Editorial Discretion, finalize the nominees into a workable vote.

The Categories
    *Favorite Area - Technical
    *Favorite Area - Artistic
    *Favorite Open Clan Shop(s)
    *Favorite Game Feature
    *Favorite Distraction

How to submit a nomination:
Send a brief description of your nomination in an e-mail to velvetlies@gaardian.com with 'Aardwolf's Choice' in the subject. Please include your character name for verification purposes. A couple of examples of what your nomination could look like -

Hi, I'm submitting DOND as favorite game feature and JLo Radio as favorite distraction. - [Player]
Favorite Area - Technical: Oradin's Chosen. - [Player]
Distraction/Feature: Blackjack :( -[Player]

The possibilities are endless! You may only submit one nomination per category, but you may do so for up to all five categories.

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