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Aardwolf's Choice, Second Installment
Written by VelvetLies
For the second installment of Aardwolf's Choice, we've taken an idea presented to us previously, poured it into our jell-o mold, with a special Jones Kool-Aid(tm) Jell-o mix. Topped with a hint of [your clan sux], this is sure to be a delightful treat for players everywhere. So what could be better than a plateful of sweet sarcasm? Prizes! Here is the how-to and the fine print:

Aardwolf's Choice, Second Installment. RE: Clanskill (non)Suckage.

* There are three separate categories to this contest. You may enter a submission for more than one category, but only one submission per category.

* The categories are Best Clanskill, Worst Clanskill, and Made-up Clanskill.
Entries for Best Clanskill may be any valid clanskill, and should include a couple of convincing points as to why this clanskill is superior to the rest.
    Entries for Worst Clanskill may be any valid cskill, and should note why the selected skill is pointless, or unfavorable.
    Entries for Made-Up Clanskill may be any nearly logical possibility your brain can divine as a skill you might propose to the Powers That Be, and a couple of ways that your skill would be useful in the lives of clanned players. An example might be: Cskill - Ninja Klown. This clanskill provides you with a pet mob that actually is worth grouping with. Along with reasonable damage capacity, this pet will announce repops in the area it is in over your group channel. As with other pets, you may choose to name your Ninja Klown.

* Please be sure to include your character name in e-mail submissions, and be prepared to see your submissions in print. In our next release, we will be featuring the submissions received for these categories as a resource for voters to use when making such tough decisions.

* If your submission is chosen to be an option for the resulting vote of it's category, you will be awarded 250K. If your submission is the most voted, you will be awarded 1TP.

* Voting will begin upon the release of our next issue, and will continue for three weeks. You may claim your 250K at any time after the start of the vote, and prize TP's will be available after the results are in. Any prizes not claimed within three weeks after the end of the vote are subject to restocking.

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