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New Area "Worse than Zangar's"
The demonic grotto just met its match.
Written by Mandorallen

With the advent of new, increasingly fiendish areas that require the player to be highly experienced at telepathy, builders are in a race to see who can create the "next Zangar". It wasn't long before a Thing of Pure Evil was born on the builder's port.

Terrifying rumours have been oozing out of the builder's port of a new area so horrific, it puts places like Masquerade Island and Xyl's Mosaic in the shade.

This is no awful joke. Early drafts of the planned area were painstakingly seized from the area's maniacal creator by a source whose identity must be protected. From these plans, we were able to uncover some of the monstrous and sickening details that the creator intended.

Although the new area will consist of 50 rooms, a map of the area shows only one room. All of the other rooms are accessible only through 49 custom exits, none of which are mentioned in the room description. Each of the fifty rooms (all flagged as 'norecall' and 'prison') will contain an aggressive, non-tameable mob that is 30 levels above the area's maximum level range.

Once the aggressive threat has been eliminated, the player finds that getting out is exponentially more difficult than getting in. To escape from the 49 room dungeon, the adventurer must collect 49 different keys kept in 49 hidden containers to unlock 49 hidden doors.

Realizing that experienced players have been trained to 'look around', the area requires the explorer to employ newer techniques, such as 'look somewhere', 'look at nothing' and 'look in my pants'.

To top it off, the first room of the area has been toggled with quicksand, thereby ensuring any wandering newbies will be caught in its prison trap. Helpers who have been informed of the coming of this MUD addition have armed themselves with a hundred fly potions.

With such an explosive combination of features, the new Zangar is sure to amuse and delight for many, many months to come.

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