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Really Mixed-Up Global Quest Winners
Written by Mandorallen

Last issue, we invited our readers to unscramble a really mixed-up global quest. The clues were jumbled in the following cryptogram puzzle:

Zpqq ni qmnai 1 * Bmyka Wpqq opvpls n yxyqklm (Snqqkca Jpqq). 
Zpqq ni qmnai 1 * Znftmo (Jkimq Koqnlvk). 
Zpqq ni qmnai 1 * To. Abnvm (Qnlv ke Qmsmlv).

After a brief exercise in decryptography, participants found the clues to a deciphered global quest:

Kill at least 1 * Pecos Bill riding a cyclone (Gallows Hill).
Kill at least 1 * Kazmer (Hotel Orlando).
Kill at least 1 * Mr. Spade (Land of Legend).

However, not everything was exactly straight yet. Rearranging the mobs to their proper areas revealed the final solution:

Kill at least 1 * Kazmer (Gallows Hill).
Kill at least 1 * Pecos Bill riding a cyclone (Land of Legend).
Kill at least 1 * Mr. Spade (Hotel Orlando).

Phew! That was a bit of a process there. As such, we awarded all correct submissions with 500,000 gold.

A round of applause goes out to the following players who obtained the correct solution: Charneus, Wender, Mij, GdAnGuS, Vesper, Sundae, Ceasar, Saelle, Ahriman, Elvendar and Juchas.

An additional applause goes to Charneus, who raked in a shiny Trivia Point token for coming in first.
Congratulations to our winners and thanks for playing!

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