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V3 Ruins Everything - Again!
Top 10 Things to Know About V3
Written by VelvetLies

The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about the latest installment of v3.

10. Ice ages are chilly, not chile or chili. Don't sprinkle cheese over your keyboard during hotboots.

9. Aardwolf is easier and more cohesive than ever, thanks to rewritten code, improved helpfiles and new functions. This could cause more people to continuously play Aardwolf, so make sure to get your flu shots.

8. As V3 went live (again), 4/5 of Aardwolf players had not previously explored the test port. The remaining fifth agreed they would rather be Jack Daniels.

7. Cruel children like to torture bugs, but most of us learn in kindergarten that bugs are meant to be eaten, and not abused.

6. Mobs are smarter. They buff up with protective spells. Soon, they'll have tiers and TP upgrades, also.

5. One thing that hasn't changed - there's no accounting for taste. Regardless of whether or not your clan sucks, some people still hate you. Chances are, no one blames them for it.

4. Donations opened again! Finally, the opportunity to turn cold, hard-earned cash into virtual currency returns! Sadly, neither TP nor QP can help you purchase a personality.

3. Proud Papas love their babies. If you thought your ex-spouse spammed you, just wait until Lasher gets on imm channel, or the newly spruced forums. Run at the first sight of a slide tray. Not that it would help, because you can't outrun goto or slay.

2. Items and areas have evolved along with the rest of the world. Maybe this means things are new, maybe it means things are different. Maybe it means you need to rotate the tires on your bot. Check it out.

1. No matter which version goes live, Gaardian is working hard to bring you fake news in a very fashionably late manner.

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