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November 7th: November '05 edition
July 23rd Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Jerako (33) and Mox (57)!

Powerful Brotherhood Emerges: Who Are They?
Written by Bernicus  (1162 views)

Recently, there have been numerous reports of a secretive Brotherhood appearing in Aardwolf.  With their terrifying power and speed, citizens have expressed their awe regarding these shadowy figures.

New Poker Palace is a Palace of Greed
Written by Staff Reporter  (1221 views)

This past month, a new Poker Palace has landed in the Aardwolf Realm.

Players' Laziness Leads to Increasing Obesity
Written by Nehtor  (1178 views)

We have quest-sitters, we have botters, triggers for God knows what, and now I've tracked down yet another factor in this horrifying case!

News (con't)
Fall Festival Reflections
Written by Barkin  (1330 views)

The Aardwolf Fall Festival 2005 has begun with a big bang.

Remnants of Founder discovered in Gaardian basement
Written by Wolfe  (1210 views)

During a recent clearing out of one of the storerooms in the lower levels of the Midgaardian publishing house, employees of the company were startled to discover an elderly packing crate containing the long-lost founder and Editor in Chief, Wolfe.

Current Events
Mysterious Creature Terrorizing Gnome Village
Written by Ruyven  (1131 views)

A strange light was reported to the authorities during the rise of the white moon on Sunday near the mine shaft entrance.

Current Events (con't)
Deity Rivalry
Written by Meleana  (1158 views)

When you leave a clan, do you unoutcast right away or hang out with the OC crowd?

Emerald Rocked by Fall Festival Scandal
Written by Bernicus  (1162 views)

The recent Emerald Costume Contest gave rise to questions about the clan’s integrity.

Current Events (con't)
New Automap system fails to indicate arse, elbow, for many players
Written by Wolfe  (1198 views)

The revolutionary new system of displaying one's environs via an ASCII map has done little to give players a wider understanding of their surroundings, recent studies have shown.

November Horoscopes
Written by Meleana  (1134 views)

Scorpio, at the beginning of November it appears that it's going to be your month.


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