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May 11th: Mother's Day Special

A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go. ~Author Unknown 

 Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms.  Without you we would not be here today.  Literally.

January 26th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Jelanoor!

Crossword Puzzle - Gaardian Style
Written by Hallet  (1680 views)

A small diversion from your CP leveling, potion quaffing, scroll reciting and mob killing.

Bad Neighbours - a movie review
Written by Danj  (1707 views)

 Bad Neighbours (called just "Neighbors" in the USA) is a new Seth Rogen film that came out in cinemas a few days ago.

The Mothering aspects of the friend list
Written by Malak  (2423 views)

Reflections on characteristics of having a mentor

Thank Mom by Sending Her on Vacation
Written by Barkin  (1747 views)

 Pamper your mother by sending to somewhere relaxing and enjoyable

Travel Series: New Thalos (Part II)
Written by Trurien  (1711 views)

(the first part of this article was published in ages ago. That the sequel has been delayed for so long is thanks in no small part to the drinks at the Dancing Daemon Inn.) Some things are better left unasked... will this reporter ever get round to finding the secrets of New Thalos?

Personal Section
Written by Personals  (1767 views)

 Lost?  I am and I am looking for YOU!

Gaardian's Guides
Written by Toast  (2515 views)

 Gaardian's Guides first edition dealing with the hotly debated topic on how to act and behave when youre part of a group. In this initial installment we quickly go over the basics on how to act in a group while leveling!

Current Events
Tumari's Diner Slowdown
Written by Barkin  (1770 views)

Health inpector brings Mother's Day rush to a slow down.  Partrons pissed.

Current Events (con't)
Sometimes Mother's Day is a Confusing Day
Written by Cuzpasack  (1977 views)

Don't mess with a woman's tonic...

Getting to know the men & women upstairs
Written by Acheos  (4101 views)

You have met them, see them on a daily basis, interact with them, abide by the rules they enforce. Every minute & hour spent of their time benefits us & the realm we love, Aardwolf. Yes, I'm talking about our beloved immortals.


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