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March 15th: The Spring Fever Issue

Laughter is in bloom at the Gaardian!

November 14th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Archanfel (36), Diggler (52) and Volans (50)!

Pulling back the curtain on Ivars Fountain
Written by Popa  (1785 views)

Many have proposed that we take an in depth look at the fountain resembling Aylor's founder, Ivar. In this article we will delve into who this fountain represents, and how it feels about that.

Travel Series: New Thalos (Part I)
Written by Trurien  (2150 views)

 "What?!" boggles the Sultan. "You got past my guards?" He pauses to think.

"I've got to hire a new tax man now, huh," sighs the ruler. "Sit in with me, this could take a while," 

Current Events
Leaked recording from Imm meeting reveals new campaign changes "unlikely to be whined about"
Written by Wolfe  (1782 views)

 A clandestine recording taken during a recent Immortal development meeting reveals Lasher expects "no trouble at all" in regards to the recent changes to campaigning.

Short Fiction
The LOLL Cat
Written by Morrolan  (1860 views)

Everyone loves cats, but do cats love everyeone?

Farmhouse Catches Fire
Written by Barkin  (1883 views)

 Kimr's Orchards Up In Smoke.

News (con't)
"Class" Action Lawsuit Against Ivar Educational Travel Corporation
Written by VelvetLies  (1771 views)

Pro-tip: Never trust anything bearing the Ivar name.

Shocking St. Patrick's Day Revelation
Written by Malak  (2224 views)

With St. Patrick's Day slowly approaching I decided to find the best way to celebrate it.  I walked around Aylor asking a few of its residents about their plans.  I was surprised to get a common answer among all of its residents. 


Conspiracy to increase DVD sales!
Written by Malak  (1901 views)

Spells do more damage now and make Aardwolf seem more enticing.  However, if you give in to this, the world we know may disappear.

Entertainment (con't)
Easter Bunny "Hopping into Action"
Written by Acheos  (1886 views)

With Easter rapidly approaching I thought one of the most stressed individuals might be the Easter Bunny. I found him hiding in War of Wizards. Below is an interview conducted with him.

Dystopian Futures Contain Psycho-Pass
Written by Danj  (1934 views)

A new entry in the sorely neglected of late cyberpunk genre explores the consequences of a world where everyone's general state of mind is known. 


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