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May 28th: The Human Rights on a Bun Issue

It's not just Memorial Day; May 28th celebrates Amnesty International Day and National Hamburger Day. We say, "Why choose when we can have it all?"

March 23rd Birthday Alert: There are no Aardwolf birthdays happening today.

Travelogue : Tanra'vea
Written by Wanderin' Mo  (1335 views)

Come along with me on a journey of words, ideas and exploration!

Current Events
Letters Home
Written by Hallet  (1262 views)

A fresh faced young warrior makes it to the big city, first things first : Write Home.

Enter Aardwolf
Written by Willmek  (2014 views)

Tread carefully – for those with a desire to explore unrealities.

Charisma: A Stat to Swoon for
Written by Willmek  (1298 views)

Soon your character's physical attractiveness, wily charm, and level of irresistibility will be a measured quantity in Aardwolf!  Say a fond farewell to intelligence and give charisma a VERY warm welcome.

Self Help
The Ghost of RPGs Past is Haunting Aardwolf
Written by Wrilley  (1609 views)

Grieve not for fallen friends, for they respawn immediately.

End of the world: a Survival Guide
Written by Ceux  (1321 views)

While there is nothing we can do to save ourselves, we must do everything we can to protect our beloved in-game characters. Here’s a short survival guide to ensure that your legacy lives on!

The Best MUD Just Got Better
Written by Morrolan  (1891 views)

Aardwolf is moving to a pay-to-play structure, but there are great benefits coming for players who invest in this opportunity.

News (con't)
What's in a slap?
Written by VelvetLies  (1330 views)

     An independent panel recently collaborated with a special interest group at the Aylorian Academy to conduct a series of experiments exploring new possibilities for damage mode 2.

Name Callers, your time is up!
Written by Hallet  (1347 views)

Board of Race Rights begins clamp down.

Daily Blessings Underfunded. Could Bankrupt Questors.
Written by Wrilley  (1269 views)

Fight over blessing subsidies rages between Questor and the Immortal staff.

Breaking News
Written by Hallet  (1270 views)

After twelve months of research and several expensive grants ....

A Pirate's Life
Written by Barkin  (1775 views)

 Tropical Paradise or Drunken HELL?  You decide. 


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