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February 13th: Love and Laughter - Valentine's Day 2012

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January 26th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Jelanoor!

Occupy 2012
Occupy Valentine's Day
Written by VelvetLies  (1646 views)

In a staunch effort to remain unorganized, Occupiers across the lands sent valentines to Gaardian Editors. We're passing the love along to you.

Advice Column
How to Create the Perfect Relationship
Written by Aliera  (1471 views)

Avoid the embarrassment of being alone on Valentine's Day with these easy steps.

'Twas a night like no other
Written by Rumour  (1492 views)

A tale of the fabled night when dragons attempted to usurp control of Aylor.

News (con't)
Love is in the Air
Written by Morrolan  (1570 views)

Come read about the new policy for marriages that should satisfy nearly everyone.

Man Briefly Quits Aardwolf in Order to Clean Bathroom
Written by Willmek  (1549 views)

Through a stunning display of crafty scheming and logistical reasoning, Don Wong managed to carry out a task generally feared by even the most courageous of tier 9 players.

Bandit Still on the Loose!
Written by Barkin  (1582 views)

 Sheriff Posts BIG reward for Robin

Current Events
Toilet Paper Tomfoolery Raises a Few Aylorian Eyebrows
Written by Willmek  (1505 views)

It looks like the MidGaardian Publishing Group has been up to their silly shenanigans again!

Written by VelvetLies  (2481 views)

 Last year, we brought you a critical warning about Social Let Down. Despite our efforts to increase awareness, the problem has continued, resulting in record-setting angst and frustration levels reported with alarming regularity. In an effort to rectify the discomfort felt by those struggling to communicate, Gaardian is launching a campaign to Stop Social Let Down in 2012.

Rinne no Lagrange
Written by Danj  (1536 views)

A review of this season's giant robot anime show. 


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