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November 18th: A Taste of Fall

Harvest a little extra humor and happiness for your cornucopia.

July 23rd Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Jerako (33) and Mox (57)!

Research & Development
Mensa And Aardwolf
Written by Demaciado  (1269 views)

Can Aardwolf make you smarter? Exclusive here!

The Aardwolf Smarticle
Written by Willmek  (1330 views)

Playing Aardwolf has finally been guaranteed to increase you real life intelligence!

Aard Life
Written by Kittenbane  (1374 views)

Current Events
Toilets 'R' Us
Written by Willmek  (1377 views)

Have you ever been perplexed at how your character is always eating and drinking and then ending up with very little to show for it?  It looks like this wee discrepancy has finally been rectified!

New department store to open in downtown Aylor
Written by Mandorallen  (1521 views)

A massive department store will be opening next month in the Grand City of Aylor and will feature brand-name apparel, accessories and footwear for all races and classes.

Aardwolfian Mind-Computer Interface System Now Available
Written by Willmek  (1566 views)

Have you ever wanted Aardwolf to be more than just words drifting down a screen?  A newly released brain implant makes this desire a reality!

Striking Miners Aspire to Elicit Worldwide Gold Shortage
Written by Willmek  (1360 views)

Will picketing mine workers force Aardwolfians to exchange their gold coins for a new form of currency?

Santa Claus "Dreading Next Month"
Written by Wolfe  (1333 views)

In a candid interview given at a secret location this week, Santa Claus admitted he wasn't looking forward to the coming holidays.

Science Report
Stoners Stoked to Smoke a Toke
Written by Morrolan  (1347 views)

Have you ever found yourself out of stock and thought, man, this is harshing my mellow?


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