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January 28th: January 2003 edition
May 27th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Inicus (31), Sunsoar, Vaun and Yrdh (64)!

Aardwolf in 3D?
Written by Cerridwen  (1044 views)

Sources say that the immortals are planning to implement a new piece of equipment for the eyes.

Weight of gold in Midgaard Bank threatens to destroy world
Written by Wolfe  (1331 views)

Recent findings by Midgaard economists have discovered that the cumulative sums of gold pieces in the Bank of Midgaard are threatening to destroy the world.

News (con't)
Investigations into Bard's Order continue
Written by Wolfe  (1094 views)

The case of Wolfe vs. the Order of the Bard continued into it's fourth day today, following accusations of mismanaged trials during the former Immortal's application to the clan.

Current Events
Existence of God finally disproved on Gossip channel
Written by Wolfe  (1069 views)

Leading religious figures around the world were rocked today, following a 14-hour discussion on gossip channel proving the non-existence of God.

Calls rise for Imms to curb LOL emissions
Written by Wolfe  (1112 views)

Citizens of Midgaard are becoming increasingly concerned with the rising levels of LOL emissions coming from MUD channels, it was discovered yesterday.


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