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December 30th: December 2002 edition
March 23rd Birthday Alert: There are no Aardwolf birthdays happening today.

Man Explores Midgaard Sewer System
Written by Obyron  (1008 views)

A Midgaardian sanitation engineer we'll call Graath has loved the sewers since first taking a job with Midgaardian City Services five years ago. His job as a repair technician has taken him far into the most forgotten corners of a portion of our fair city that most citizens take for granted.

Common Sense in Midgaard's general shop, not actual common sense
Written by Delph  (1058 views)

Due to the large numbers of newbies getting poisoned by various food types, the mayor of Midgaard called for stricter rules and controls on food, potion and pill quality.

Shadokil revealed to be front for Tanelorn world domination plans
Written by Wolfe  (1075 views)

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experience. The three tenets we have all come to know Tanelorn for over the years. Behind all these, though, appears to be a fourth 'pillar': Power.

Bremen remains 'unconvincing' as Shadokil Assassin
Written by Wolfe  (1094 views)

The population of Aardwolf is still having a hard time coming to terms with the idea of Bremen, long-term Twinlobe leader, joining the order of Shadokil, a secretive alliance of Assassins feared across the world.

News (con't)
New research shows lasting psychological harm to 'Quad' users
Written by Wolfe  (1058 views)

It has long been established that Midgaard has a serious drug problem - millions of gold pieces a year are spent on the elixir known on the streets as 'Quad'.

Current Events
Hoan-Dor Deforestation Threatens Wolf Population
Written by Obyron  (1022 views)

Recent studies by the watchdog group Midgaardians for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (META) show that deforestation in the Hoan-Dor has reached shocking levels.

Non-Alt, Non-Super Newbie creates, causes uproar
Written by Wolfe  (1083 views)

The helper world was rocked today by the creation of a character which appears to be entirely new to the game.

Current Events (con't)
Players start hanging around down of recall, "Just in Case"
Written by Wolfe  (1074 views)

For no readily apparent reason, the number of players hanging around in Hassan's Office, just down from recall, is steadily on the increase.

Mobs learn to apply to for Immortal Positions
Written by Chiketa  (1064 views)

After doing extensive research, scientists have concluded that the Mobs of aardwolf have learned how to apply for an imm position.

Aardwolf "Round Earth" Society gaining in numbers
Written by Morinon  (1010 views)

Despite an overwhelming lack of evidence, a growing number of Aardwolf's citizens are subscribing to the fringe 'round earth' theory.

Rush for Clan Applications!
Written by Rundvelt  (1129 views)

Aardwolf has recently been buzzing over the latest announcement from an unnamed source that clan applications will be accepted at the start of the new year, 2004.


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January 2003 edition