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January 1st: Happy New Year's 2010!

Ringing Roaring in the New Year, Gaardian-style!

January 20th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Zafirah!

Trivia Points - Too Hot to Handle?
Written by VelvetLies  (1373 views)

Rumors abound connecting Trivia Points and Climate Change...

Scandals of Aylor
Secret to Tierhood Revealed
Written by Mandorallen  (2868 views)

With botting outlawed from every corner of Andolar and the vast majority of players struggling to complete their first tier, an aggressive interview with T9s reveal their best-kept secret to tiering: cheat codes.

Recent Movies Roundup
Written by Danj  (1348 views)

Good new anime is a bit thin on the ground at the moment, so for the New Year's issue I've decided to do some short reviews of recent movies I've been to see. 

Entertainment (con't)
Is that an invisibility potion in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
Written by Spodgy  (1248 views)

This week your roving reporter is at The Death Gate. Long after its discovery, this area has
struck fear into superheros and novices alike. Times have changed though. To find out
more, I talked to Mr R. Check, Death Gate's chief pommeller.

Travel Series: Hatchling Aerie
Written by Trurien  (1473 views)

Between the River Angor and the Coastfollow Road, far to the west of the city of Aylor, a vast expanse of burned-out field bears the imprint of dragons. Are they really there at the Hatchling Aerie?


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